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Let’s read at Christmas time 2022

On the last day of school, class A of the seventh grade brought some Christmas golly-jolly-holly joy to class A of the fifth grade with the read aloud of the book: Green Is For Christmas by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. Students got to know the five colour crayons in the book and understand that although the Green crayon claims he is the only Christmas colour, the others disagree. Green starts by saying that green is for Christmas. After all, green is for holly. But Red objects. Red is for candy canes. Green is for fir trees, Green retorts. But Red is for Santa Claus, who agrees. Then White joins the adorable squabble. After spending the year being invisible, White isn’t giving up the distinction of his association with Christmas. But then there’s Silver: stars and bells. And Brown: cookies and reindeer! At the end of the book the crayons come together and agree that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all of them together.

Christmas is for one and all. Have a joyous festive Season!

Teacher Carla Seixas

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