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Easter reading session (Semana da Leitura)

Yesterday, five students from class A of the eighth grade visited Eça de Queirós Secondary School to read the book Our Table by Peter Reynolds to class H of the tenth grade.

This book seemed appropriate for this time of year, for soon families will be getting together to enjoy their Easter lunch. Most families will be sitting down around a table, building memories. For Violet, the main character from the book there is the fear that this will never happen again. She longs for the time when her family was connected: before life, distractions, and technology pulled them all away from each other. They used to gather at the table, with food and love, to make memories, share their lives, and revel in time spent together. But now her family has been drifting apart, and with nobody to gather around it, the table grows smaller and smaller. Finally, it vanishes. This book is initially set in tones of purple, but there is a burst of many bright colours as Violet's family is reunited around the beloved table. This book is an ode to traditions that unite families. This reading activity brought together students from both schools to form a reading “family”.

Professora Carla Seixas

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